But don’t take my word for it! I am currently working on a number of recipes. Much to the delight of my partner’s co-workers who get to sample them.

“I don’t understand how these brownies can be that good without eggs & butter!”


Prompted by the egg allergy of my godson Max, I’ve started looking into allergen-free and vegan baking and started my own business in 2015.

I originally trained as a professional (and “traditional”) pastry chef at the Institute of Culinary Arts, in Stellenbosch, South Africa and have worked for the likes of Baker & Spice, Daylesford, Tom’s Kitchen (and not forgetting the London Olympics) since I came to London in 2004.

My vegan & allergen-free bakes are currently available in a number of eateries in London and in Surrey, yet my main focus is opening an online shop. To find out where you can grab one of my delicious treats, the latest creations I am working on and when the BakeMeister online store goes live – sign-up below.

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